Fairfield County Basement Waterproofing with Rub-R-Wall

Advanced Waterproofing Solutions

Traditional damp-proofing and waterproofing have seen a huge advancement in efficiency with the development of Rub-R-Wall products. These waterproofing products feature a lifetime warranty, incredible durability, and a fast and easy application process. This advanced method for incredible basement waterproofing is often usable on both large and small homes and can be installed during a single visit. Our specialists at Fairfield Waterproofing are fully licensed resellers of Rub-R-Wall products and experts in their application on basement waterproofing jobs.

Benefits of Rub-R-Wall include:

  • Advanced polymer technology: Rub-R-Wall provides incredible inherent strength.
  • Unparalleled elasticity: The rubber-based material has terrific elasticity, reducing concerns over future cracks with other materials.
  • Tremendous bonding strength: Rub-R-Wall bonds a great variety of construction materials, while being able to be sprayed over almost any irregular shape without losing its effectiveness.

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